10 Best Tint Eyebrow Recommendations

There are two types of applicators on eyebrow tints, those with pointed and flat ends. Sharp-pointed applicators are easy to use, especially when drawing thin eyebrow tips. Eyebrow arch lines can be drawn easily so that this type of eyebrow tint is suitable for those of you who have thin eyebrows.

Choose the product color that matches the hair color

Adjusting the color of the eyebrow tint with the hair color is the safest choice. In the market, there are so many variations of colors offered. However, the most widely used is brown with light and dark color variations.

Pay attention to product pigmentation resistance

Eyebrow tint usually has pigmentation resistance for three to seven days. If a product only lasts one to two days, the product can be said to be of poor quality. However, eyebrow tints that last for more than seven days should also be avoided. Products that are too durable usually contain dyes that are too strong.

Avoid products that contain irritants

Check the contents in the eyebrow tint you will choose. Choose products that contain as little irritants as possible. Products that contain many irritants can cause skin problems, such as skin that becomes rough and reddish. Moreover, eyebrow tint is a product that sticks for days on your eyebrows.

Pay attention to the price, avoid buying products that are too cheap

Actually, eyebrow tint is an economical product because you don’t need to use it every day. Therefore, you don’t need to consider the price too much. So, do not be easily tempted by prices that are too cheap.

The thing to worry about eyebrow tint that is too cheap is the use of materials and the results provided. Indeed cheap products are not always of poor quality. However, the price of cosmetic products is usually closely related to the quality offered.

10 Best tint eyebrow recommendations

Starting from here, we will introduce the ten best tint eyebrow recommendations that you can choose from. Don’t forget to consider the various points we have reviewed previously. Hopefully it can be your reference in choosing the most appropriate product.

Messy eyebrows become more charming and look natural

With this new innovation, South Korea’s eyebrow tint has a four tip brush applicator shaped like a fork. The applicator will shape and fill the eyebrows with precision and naturally so the makeup will look 4D. You who have messy and thin eyebrows will definitely be very helpful when using it.

In addition, this product dries easily and the end result blends with your real eyebrows, like not using makeup! No need to be afraid of water and sweat because this eyebrow tint can hold both. With glycerin content, Cathy Doll Real Brow 4D Tattoo Tint is also able to maintain skin moisture on the eyebrows.

Look more confident with a more volume and neat eyebrows

NYX, a cosmetics brand from the United States released a tint eyebrow product with a spiral brush applicator like mascara. The applicator will help increase the volume of your eyebrows, and hold your eyebrows from falling. If you have messy eyebrow hair, don’t hesitate to try this product.

Take it easy, the final results given will not look stiff. Instead, your eyebrow hair will look soft and neat. For color choices, this product offers brown colors from the lightest to the darkest, even blonde.

The color is durable and looks natural

You need to try the Secret Key Tattoo Eyebrow Tint Pack if you want to travel a few days with eyebrows that remain charming. This product claims to last up to five days with colors that look natural and bright. You no longer need to worry about eyebrow makeup while traveling.

Its composition is safe to use and does not contain parabens, nickel, mineral oil, animal oil, or benzophenone. In addition, this eyebrow tint contains Aloe barbadensis leaf extract, soybean seed extract, and Camellia japonica seed extract that is useful to moisturize and nourish your eyebrows.

Can dry out in just fifteen minutes!

Some eyebrow tint products take a long time to dry, but these products are different. You don’t need to wait for hours waiting for this product to dry because this product only takes fifteen minutes! You are often in a hurry or do not have much time to rely on it.

You also don’t need to worry about eyebrow skin becoming dry because Cathy Doll Tattoo Tint Pack contains snail mucus which has a moisturizing function. Products with this waterproof formula also have the ability to control oil obtained from the Jeju Camelia content in it.

Complete package in one product!

This product is a 3-in-1 package eyebrow tint that can be used for tattooing, coloring, and shading! Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow XP offers different functions at each end. The other end, the tattoo pen, comes with a highlighter pen (highlighter) applicator for shaping and applying eyebrows over large areas.

While the other end is in the shape of a spiral brush, it functions to fill the eyebrows and color it like a tattoo with the results that remain natural. The color doesn’t even disappear even if you wash your face with water the next day! For those of you who want to have a versatile tint eyebrow, this product is worth choosing.