4 DIY Honey and Milk Floral Bath Soak

This DIY milk and honey floral bath soak is moisturizing, soothing and incredibly appealing to the senses. Powdered milk and honey deeply hydrate dry skin, while organic flower petals provide aromatherapy and luxury to your bath experience. Your daily bath will feel like a rejuvenating day at the spa.

DIY milk and honey bath soak
Bathing in milk and honey — what could be more luxurious? How about adding 4 different types of flowers to your bathwater!

It’s probably not a secret that we love our DIY bath products around here. Homemade bath soaks have a variety of benefits. These include:

  • Being quick and easy to make
  • Utilizing customizable ingredients
  • Providing nourishing, skin-softening properties
  • Helping you save money, as homemade products are more economical
  • Providing you with your daily dose of magnesium (if Epsom salts are added)
  • Avoiding the irritating perservatives or fragrances found in some store brands

Not to mention, making your own bath and body products can provide you with a relaxing at-home bath experience to help you unwind after a long or stressful day.

I added a plethora of colourful flower petals to this DIY floral bath soak for added beauty. And while the petals can only offer a few skin benefits, due to the small quantity used, the main purpose of the flowers is for the aromatherapeutic benefits they provide.

Homemade floral bath soak
DIY floral bath soak with milk and honey. Most of the skin benefits of this recipe are provided by the combination of powdered milk and honey. Together, they create a hydrating bath that’s ideal for dry skin.

Ingredients for DIY milk and honey bath
Powdered honey
Honey is a natural humectant that is rich in antioxidants. It attracts and binds moisture, making it a moisturizing treat for your skin. And when added to a bath, powdered honey will give your bathwater a smooth, silky feel.

The enzymes in honey can also help to gently exfoliate while you bathe, leaving your skin softer, smoother and more radiant.

Homemade floral bath soak

Thanks to its low pH and antimicrobial properties, honey can help soothe dry, red or irritated skin. It’s even shown promise in helping to mitigate the discomfort associated with eczema, psoriasis and other inflammatory skin conditions.

By using powdered honey, you can reap the benefits of liquid honey while ensuring your bath soak is easier to use. And if you make a large batch ahead of time, it will store much more readily.

Powdered milk
Rumour has it that Cleopatra kept her skin soft and youthful by indulging in milk baths sprinkled with rose petals. Perhaps there’s some truth to this often shared legend!

Milk contains lactic acid, a natural alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). Lactic acid has exfoliating properties, but only when used at a low pH. When added to bathwater, lactic acid instead acts as a natural humectant that helps to hydrate and soften the skin.

Ingredients for homemade floral bath

Whole milk powder is also very rich in nourishing saturated fatty acids. While the humectants in milk help pull moisture into your skin, the fats will create a barrier to help keep it there. The combination of lactic acid and fat in the milk will leave skin supple and moisturized.

If you’re vegan or allergic to dairy, you can also substitute the powdered milk for organic coconut milk powder. While not quite as moisturizing as milk, it will give you the skin hydrating benefits of coconut oil.

Lavender, hibiscus, rose, and calendula petals
Again, the lovely flower petals contained in this recipe are primarily for aromatherapy purposes, and can impart a calming and relaxing effect to your bathing experience. The quantities however, are likely far too small to offer any drastic skin effects.

Calendula, rose, lavender and hibiscus bath soak
That said, hibiscus flowers contain a small amount of vitamin C, an antioxidant that can help protect against free radical damage.

Rose petals are are known for their lovely fragrance as well as their astringent, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. And since they’re associated with romance and luxury, adding them to your bath is a wonderful way to pamper yourself.

Homemade floral bath soak with milk and honey
Lavender is often correlated with sleep and relaxation. This is why it’s often an ingredient in natural sleep sprays or in calming aromatherapy products. If you struggle with insomnia, bathing in lavender flowers before bed may help to promote a more restful sleep.

Calendula is a healing herb that is often found in pain-relief salves. It has both soothing and antioxidant properties that make it perfect for adding to a homemade bath soak. As well, its bright colour is due to the high flavonoid and carotenoid content of its petals. Here