TIPS For All Kinds Of Hair Care Easy For Healthy Hair

If you had told me a year ago that I would be writing a post about hair care, budget-friendly or otherwise, I probably would have chuckled good-naturedly and patted you on the head like a little pet that I’m fond of. I had no hair care routine to speak of, and no real interest in starting one. The sum total of my hair care involved a weekly wash, followed by a drip dry. In my defense, it’s tough to commit to self-care for your appearance when your self-image is low. It all feels a bit pointless.

Anyway, that was then. This year has been a new year for me, and the more changes I implement, the better I feel about myself. One of those changes has been a hair care routine, and it’s so easy that even a lazygirl like me can keep it up!

Today I want to talk about budget-friendly hair care

Previously, I have shared my thoughts and tips on embracing your natural hair colour. Though I’ve implemented this budget-friendly hair care routine with my natural, uncoloured hair in mind, I think it would work in most hair situations – just adjust your leave-in conditioner to something more suited to coloured hair.

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My Cheap, Easy, Budget-Friendly Hair Care Tips for Happy, Healthy Hair

Some weeks when I’m crazy-busy I only wash it once, but twice a week is ideal. You don’t want to wash it too often or you’ll strip it of its natural oils and cause it to dry out too much. I have recently started swimming for fitness, and I hold out between full washes by alternating with a conditioner-only wash to avoid using shampoo more than twice in a week.

Coconut oil is the be-all-and-end-all of cheap DIY beauty at the moment! (though I haven’t tried it yet, this one by COCO&CO is beauty grade)

On Saturday nights before I go to bed, I lather up my hair with coconut oil. I put in enough oil so that all my hair feels slick and almost wet. Then I tie it up in a tight bun, cover my pillow with a towel, and sleep on it.

A lot of people complain about the difficulty of washing coconut oil out of their hair – but that’s probably because they’re doing it wrong! When you add water to oil, it can seize up and become waxy, so you just need to break down the oil before wetting it. I simply rub shampoo through my hair without any water first. Then as the shampoo soaks in, I gradually begin to add handfuls of water until it works up into a nice lather. Then I rinse it all out, do a second shampoo, rinse, and follow up with a condition and a rinse. Easy!

Dry hair with an old shirt, not a towel

Towels can be pretty rough on hair, so I have started drying my hair with Chris’s T-shirts (he hasn’t worked that one out yet, but I think it would offend him a little. He’s pretty precious about his T-shirt collection). The cloth is much softer and gentler on my fragile locks! for my super dry hair. After T-shirt drying my hair, I rub a small blob of it between my fingers and apply it all through my ends (avoid rubbing it into your scalp!), then finish with a quick brush-through with my paddle brush (purchased from Woolworths. Hey there, big spender!)

I do all of the above with a grocery store brand shampoo and conditioner, and my hair is already so much healthier than it was before I started this routine. I’d imagine if you had the means, a salon-brand shampoo and conditioner would further enhance things Here.