Tips To Get Perfect Eyebrows in a Simple Way at Home

Your eyebrows are the first thing people will notice about your face so why not make sure they are groomed the right way and with the best products?

We’ve all heard about how important your brows are to the overall appearance of your face right? Why is it then that it seems so many of us aren’t doing it right?

The Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit has everything you need in it to get the brows you’ve always wanted. Beautiful brows begin with this kit. It retails for about $35 which is a great deal for four of the best brow products on the market. That’s why I love it always buy it. The folks over at Billion Dollar Brows were kind enough to send me these products.

  • The Universal Pencil goes on smooth and natural and works with all skin tones and hair colors. It’s a double-sided eyebrow tool that features a universally flattering eyebrow pencil shade on one end and a spooley brush on the other. Sheer pigments adapt to and reflect your brows’ natural color for a fuller appearance. Designed to comb, color and blend the eyebrows, this dual-purpose pencil is a quick and easy eyebrow fix.
  • The Brow Duo Pencil highlights brow bone for gorgeous definition. It seamlessly conceals flaws and defines brows with a handy 2-in-1 design. Jojoba oil creates a creamy texture that ensures a smooth application while vitamin E neutralizes free radicals. The universally flattering shades work with any skin tone to draw attention to your arches. The best dual-ended concealer and highlighter pencil I’ve ever used!
  • The Smudge Brush creates an even, polished look. I use it under and above my brows to create a polished and finished look. It’s a flat brush that’s designed to blend and smudge makeup into the eyebrows, for rich, thorough color. A perfect mate for the brow duo pencil or brow shadow, this brush allows for excellent blending without wiping away product.
  • The Clear Brow Gel keeps unruly brows in check with a lightweight formula and handy spooley brush that tames and shapes while cosmetically filling in sparse areas. Adaptive clear pigments match your brows natural color while minimizing the appearance of overly plucked sections. Botanical waxes mold and smooth for a sleek, comfortable and flake-free finish.

The Brow Boost allows you to create beautifully groomed eyebrows using this boost primer and conditioner.

  • Use alone or under your makeup
  • Vitamin-infused formula
  • Tinted pink to blend translucently onto the brow so your makeup glides right on.
  • Paraben-free
  • Using the doe-foot applicator, apply a small amount of Brow Boost equally across your eyebrows. Allow setting and dry. Once dry, apply your favorite brow makeup.
  • 0.14-oz.

Brows on Point Micro Brow Pencil – This pencil gives you the detail and accuracy you need when grooming your brows.

Easily create hair-like brush strokes with this micro pencil’s super-slim precision point to fill in and accentuate your brows.  This mechanical pencil does not need a sharpener and covers every hair for maximum color pay off.

I love using this pencil for days when I am looking for more detailed accuracy when I’m filling in my brows or, I use both the universal pencil along with it. I love how it actually allows you to create hair-like strokes for those really sparse places on your brows.

  • Super-fine, self-sharpening tip for precise application
  • Creates natural, blendable lines that mimic the look of individual hairs
  • The waterproof and smudge-proof formula glides on smoothly and stays in place
  • Available in four versatile shades: Blonde, Light Brown, Taupe, Raven

I recently created this look using Billion Dollar Brow products for my beautiful daughter Lesleyann. Her brows are on fleek! The bottom line is your eyebrows are everything when it comes to completing your makeup look. Make sure you take a few minutes to perfect your look Here.